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The foundation of success is saving and investing

Whether you are looking to grow or maintain your wealth into retirement, cashflow management is the foundation, and provides the backbone to any strategic financial goal.

As a professionally delivered offering, our cashflow management services can add considerable value to your financial well-being.

A targeted cashflow service offering requires a financial coach to work with you across these 4 key areas;

  1. Banking structure
  2. Balance Sheet
  3. Budgeting and;
  4. Benchmarking.

How does a cashflow service differ from traditional budgeting?

Because no two client circumstances are the same, each of these areas requires a certain skill set and expertise to decipher. As your coach, we make sure that we use the right balance of expertise and support, backed by leading budgeting and software tools, to deliver upon the goals that you told us you want to achieve.

As you progress through our cashflow management service, you’ll experience the significant benefits first-hand. These include immediate tangible savings, which can often be measured in thousands of dollars, as well as other areas we are able to assist you with; such as better management of your household expenses, establishing savings plans, debt management coaching and strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Your coach will support you to make betterinformed financial decisions aided by new innovative technology and solutions that have been designed specifically to assist with this process.

Our cashflow management service is about going on a journey together. While helping you to understand the importance of strong cashflow management, we will empower you to take control of your own financial future, setting you apart, and firmly placing you on the road to achieving your goals and financial independence.

The key stages of our cashflow and money management process

Initial discussion and explanation of our cashflow management service

We introduce you to modern, simple and effective cash management software and help you to get started

Creation of a personalised plan, tailored to your individual circumstances

Regular reviews and coaching to help you achieve your objectives

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I truly understand where I spend my surplus and household money each month?
  • How much of my income is available as disposable or discretionary spending, and how much is used on essentials, each month?
  • Does a surplus or a shortfall currently even exist? (Monthly, Annual)
  • If there is a surplus, then do I know where it has been going?
  • Can I demonstrate this so that it can be clearly identified on paper?
  • Am I clear about my financial objectives and goals?
  • Am I also clear as to how I am going to achieve them?
  • Do I have the knowledge and expertise to do this on my own and without the financial tools to assist me?
  • Am I prepared to pay for a professional solution and seek assistance in order to maximise my financial potential?

If you can relate to just some of the above questions, then with the benefit of our professional expertise, we can build a structured approach that is aligned to achieving your personal financial goals

Here’s an example…

If we could help you identify just 5-10% of your income per month in additional savings, would you be willing to use these savings to double the size of your retirement/investment/property portfolio, in the space of just 10 years?

That’s not a sales pitch, it is reality and here are the calculations:

Year 1: Household Income: $100,000

Year 1: Our cashflow service Impact: 5%

Year 1: Value $5,000

Year 10: Year 1 x 10 x 5% return p.a, compounded $71,034*

*Disclaimer: This is not advice and is used as an example only.

However, it does serve to demonstrate the positive effects of compounding. It is intended to show the impact that a 5% year on year improvement in your cashflow position, can have over 10 years with a 5% return on invested funds.

In this example, that places you a further $71,034 closer to achieving your financial goals!

Don’t waste time. Achieve your financial independence sooner.